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Toddler and MotherThank you for visiting the Child and Parenting. Our mission is to provide reliable information to help parents keep their toddlers and babies safe around the home or out in public. Our site is newly launched but we will be adding more information on a regular basis. If you would like to contribute information to the Child and Parenting, please feel free to email our editorial staff at








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Tips and Advice on Toddler Safety


Childproof your home for toddler safety and some helpful tips on safety outdoors. Keeping our toddler safe is a big part of our job as parents. But it can be tricky to balance a young child's desire to explore everywhere and everything with a parent's need to keep the child safe. As parents, we know that toddlers often forget the rules about safety. And scolding them can make the forbidden item or place seem even more attractive. We want to enjoy our children, but if we spend most of our time watching out for their safety, then no one is having fun. Although childproofing is not a substitute for parental supervision, it substantially reduces the likelihood of injury.


Here you will find some useful tips on toddler safety both indoor and outdoor :


Toddler safety at HOME

Children can injure themselves in the blink of an eye. You could turn your head away for a moment and the child could pull down a boiling pot of food, or swallow something he could choke on. It's hard for parents to anticipate all the potential dangers or safety problems around children. The trick to keeping a safe environment for your children is to stay one step ahead of them at all times. By spotting dangers before an injury happens, you can protect your children from harm and protect yourself from stress and heartache. The first step in providing a safe environment for your child is to prepare your home properly:


Ensuring toddler safety in the KITCHEN :

- Keep matches and lighters out of reach
- Place safety latches on all doors and cabinets, especially where cleaning products and medicines are located
- Remove all small magnets from the refrigerator; small items can easily be lodged in a toddler’s throat
- Move all glassed items in the refrigerator to the higher shelves
- Use the back burners on the stove and turn all pot handles towards the back of the stove
- Lock all cabinets and drawers containing glass, knives, scissors, and other small objects
- Keep electrical cords that are connected to cooking appliances out of reach
- Keep containers that have hot drinks inside away from the edge of tables
- Do not place hot fluids on tablecloths in case the child pulls on the tablecloth
- Never hold or pass hot liquids over your child
- Dispose of any plastic grocery bags and dry cleaning bags immediately, these can cause suffocation
- Lock the kitchen door, or use a safety gate to prevent children going into the kitchen especially when no one is around


Ensuring toddler safety in the BEDROOM :

- Use a safe crib with a snug fitting mattress that cannot get pulled away from the corners. You should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the edge of the mattress and the crib
- Make sure the crib has no areas with gaps more than 2 inches so the child's head cannot get stuck
- If possible, don’t place the crib near or under a window. If the crib is placed near the window, ensure that all windows are securely latched or use a window guard. A toddler can climb out of the crib, and through the window
- Remove all drapery and blind cords from around the crib. These can lead to strangulation deaths
- Never lock a toddler into a room
- Make sure closets can be opened from the inside, so that your toddler doesn't get locked in.


Ensuring your toddler safety in the BATHROOM :

- Always check bath water temperature before putting a child in the tub
- Never leave your toddler in the bathtub alone, even for a short time. Toddlers can drown in as little as two inches of water
- Don't keep large buckets or containers of liquid around the house, children can fall head first in to the container and not be able to get out
- Place a lock on all the toilets
- Lock up cabinets containing perfumes, make-up, and other similar bathroom items


Toddler safety in OTHER AREAS :

- Use furniture with rounded corners. Else, cover sharp corners with home made or store bought corner guards
- Use a straight-slatted, screw-mounted gate at the top and the bottom of a stairway. Never use pressure gates at the top of the stairs. CLICK HERE for guidelines and features to look out for when choosing child safety gates.
- Install vent locks or a window guard on upper story windows to keep them from opening more than three and a half inches
- Do not use table clothes when toddlers are around
- Everything should be kept in its original container to avoid mix-ups between food items and poisons
- Make sure all purses are placed out of reach, especially ones with any pills inside
- If your TV stand isn't sturdy, buy one with a wide base and keep the TV away from the edge. Secure the stand to the wall
- Never run fans on the floor with an infant or toddler around, their fingers are small and can enter the grill area of the fan
- Keep floors clean and vacuumed. Toddlers have an amazing sense for small objects that end up in their mouth and could cause choking.


Other Points to note on toddler safety :

- Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach
- Never let your children run with something in their mouth
- Never let your children run with something sharp in their hands
- Never let your children walk with glass objects in their hands
- Keep an eye out for sharp objects on walls, toys, cribs, playpens, or strollers
- Use plastic instead of glass, whenever possible
- Always pick up toys, so that no one slips and falls on them